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    Brandeis launches new Think Tank for Faculty Senate Leaders

    In Fall 2016, Brandeis launched the Think Tank for Faculty Senate Leaders, an ongoing forum for members from higher education institutions in New England to capitalize on the expertise of peers as problem solvers and strategic thinkers. The first of its kind, the Think Tank for Faculty Senate Presidents is designed to enhance members’ leadership capacity by stimulating reflection on practice and broadening the knowledge base that senate presidents need to navigate change.

    As with the Brandeis Think Tanks for Academic Deans, Associate Deans, Multicultural Affairs Leaders and Student Affairs Leaders, the new Think Tank will provide a peer base to help address issues from a perspective unique to the singular person filling that role on a campus.

    Brandeis University Faculty Senate President Susan P. Curnan will facilitate the new Think Tank.

    Brandeis Think Tanks incorporate the voices of members from a variety of New England area higher education institutions. See Brandeis Think Tanks for more information and to register for the current academic year.

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