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    Enough is Known for Action

    Enough is Known for Action PennantsOn November 13, 2014 the Brandeis Center for Youth and Communities hosted the “Enough is Known for Action: Ready to Employ, Educate, and Support Youth” Invitational Conference. The day began with a national briefing in the auditorium of the Frances Perkins Building at the U. S. Dept. of Labor/ETA in Washington, DC.

    The briefing goals were three-fold:

    • Ignite action and urgency about the crisis in youth unemployment and the value of linking real work for pay with education and support services
    • Inspire and inform interagency and cross-sector partnerships to employ, educate, and support youth across the nation
    • Share lessons from experience and research for “proving the possible” – from the Brandeis Practitioner Network

    Panelists from six leading communities addressed how results-oriented partnerships involving government, business, nonprofits, public schools, post-secondary institutes and intermediaries employ, educate, and support youth by leveraging resources – including those made available through the Workforce Innovation & Opportunities Act (WIOA).

    Following the briefing, 70 participants engaged in planning sessions facilitated by the team from the Brandeis Center for Youth and Communities. The Center believes the learning exchange has the potential to truly benefit our nation’s young people and help to build a sustainable infrastructure to employ, educate, and support generations to come. The passage of WIOA calls out for leadership, innovation, and excellence in all we do. Let’s make the most of this historic moment in workforce development and take action together.

    Employ, Educate, and Support Youth

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