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YouthBuild USA

Postsecondary Education “Pathways” Initiative

As a result of its work with the Gates Postsecondary Success Initiative, the Center was selected to be the evaluation partner for YouthBuild USA’s “Pathways” initiative, which expands YouthBuild’s PSE programming to 12 additional sites nationally. Funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service’s Social Innovation Fund and New Profit, Inc., this 3‐5 year initiative is developing postsecondary partnerships between YouthBuild programs and community colleges to demonstrate the broad applicability of the PSE model to YouthBuild programs. The Center is conducting an implementation study of the initiative that includes regular site visits and interviews, participant surveys and focus groups, and analysis of reporting system data to better understand “what works” in terms of the mix of programs and services offered to young people who have dropped out of high school.

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