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    Susan P. Curnan

    Susan P. Curnan is a professor of Social Policy and Management at the Heller School, Brandeis University, chair of the Faculty Senate and Council, chair of MBA and MPP concentrations in children, youth and families, and longtime Director of the Center for Youth and Communities, one of the nation’s premier evaluation research and capacity building centers dedicated to preparing young people for education, work and life.  A graduate of Yale University with advanced degrees in policy and management, Curnan joined the Brandeis faculty in 1983.  Read more about Susan's work at the Heller School here.

    Throughout her career, Professor Curnan has worked in all three sectors of society, with all states and commonwealths from Alaska to Puerto Rico, and in more than 200 communities in the USA; she has traveled to South Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia to consult on education, workforce development, management and policy issues.  She has been a director and trustee of a family foundation, served on many national task forces on policy, performance management and program quality for the U.S. Department of Labor and Department of Education as well as work groups for the National Academy of Sciences.  During the 1990s (and before), Curnan was involved with virtually all major youth employability initiatives sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor and served as Principal Investigator (PI) and National Study Leader for the national Youth Research and Technical Assistance Project.  During this period, she was also evaluation and learning partner for several national youth initiatives, including Summer Beginnings, Youth Employment Competency Systems, Youth Fair Chance, and Youth Opportunities. 

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