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    Chris Kingsley

    Chris Kingsley is a Senior Trainer and Senior Program Associate at the Center for Youth and Communities, the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University.

    In his roles as a group facilitator, evaluator, researcher, consultant, and trainer over two decades, Kingsley has worked with government and not-for-profit agencies, inter-institutional groups, individuals, and communities to plan, implement, and assess complex initiatives that serve young people in high-risk situations and that require a significant level of cooperation and partnership.

    Kingsley brings to his work in-depth knowledge, including: facilitating and designing community-wide and/or inter-institutional systems of service/care for children, young people, and their families/caregivers; developing and growing inter-institutional partnerships; devising comprehensive programs and broad approaches that balance child/youth assets with deficits; creating customer-centered/asset-driven case management approaches; addressing education reform/improvement issues; and preparing teachers in schools and alternative education programs to use high-quality, non-traditional instructional strategies such as project-based learning and service learning.

    Kingsley is particularly adept at leading strategic planning sessions using an array of tools/processes such as, but not limited to logic model development, managing complex change frameworks; gap analysis; problem-solving frameworks; TOP facilitation approaches; and other facilitation approaches.

    Prior to joining Brandeis, Kingsley worked for seventeen years as a practitioner in the youth workforce development and alternative education fields in a variety of direct service, managerial, and leadership positions among youth agencies in Boston.



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