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Nellie Mae Education Foundation

District Level Systems Change Initiative

The Center serves as the theory of change/logic model coach and a learning partner for the Nellie Mae Education Foundation (NMEF) and eleven grantees in this initiative. Two phases of work with seven school districts engaged in a multi‐year, district‐wide school reform effort (focused on student‐centered learning) funded by the NMEF. In Phase I, Center staff helped the Foundation develop student‐level and systems level logic models and facilitated the districts’ logic models and engagement strategies. Phase II includes coordinating technical assistance and evaluation efforts; facilitating district‐level task forces; and synthesizing and analyzing data to assess the initiative. See the report Systems Change for Student-Centered Learning: A New Logic for District Level Systems Change (August 2014) and Systems Level Logic Model and Student-Centered Learning Logic Model (July 2014).

Project Compass

As the evaluation and learning partner for the NMEF’s Project Compass, a multi-year initiative, the Center helped four public colleges and universities to improve the retention and academic success of underrepresented students, including low‐income, first-generation students, social service system-involve students, students with disabilities, and immigrants. The Center provided technical assistance to develop site‐specific logic models during a planning and capacity‐building grant period. The Center organized a meeting on sustaining impact in the post‐grant period.

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